Z39.50 is a net­work pro­to­col that allows you to que­ry remo­te data­ba­ses and retrie­ve results in various biblio­gra­phic for­mats. Z39.50 is often used by biblio­gra­phic manage­ment pro­grams such as End­No­te, Cita­vi, Libra­ryThing. Lear­ning manage­ment sys­tems such as Stud.IP use the biblio­gra­phic data to build biblio­gra­phic lists.

Formats offered by UB Leipzig

The fol­lowing table lists the avail­ab­le out­put formats:

For­mat Name Descrip­ti­on
marc21 MARC21 MARC data
dc Dub­lin Core Dub­lin Core
marcxml MARC-XML MARC data in XML

General settings

The fol­lowing table lists the gene­ral settings:

Base URL https://sru.finc.info
Data­ba­se de15
Port 210

Search attribute

The BIB‑1 attri­bu­te “Use attri­bu­tes (type = 1)” is sup­por­ted during the search.

Search attri­bu­tes (use 1=)

The fol­lowing table lists avail­ab­le search attributes:

Value Mea­ning
1010 arbi­tra­ry
1004 Aut­hor, creator
4 Tit­le
3 Con­fe­rence
2 Cor­po­ra­ti­on
21 Sub­ject
31 Date
1018 Publis­her
8577 VD Num­ber


You can access the ser­vice at sru.finc.info. You can que­ry the UBL lite­ra­tu­re data­ba­se via Z39.50 by using https://sru.finc.info:210/de15 as host address.

Examp­le of a search ses­si­on using yaz-cli­ent; the key­word “Basics” is sear­ched for in the tit­le index of the data­ba­se “de15”, dis­play of the first hit in MARC21 format:

For ques­ti­ons and sug­ges­ti­ons on this topic, plea­se con­ta­ct us.